Monday, August 22, 2011

Inspired me to be a provider - AM (New York)


I had an abortion the summer before I started med school. I had been with my boyfriend for 3 months when I found out I was 12 weeks pregnant, which meant we ended up getting pregnant the first time we slept together despite me being on the pill. I was in shock because I had been on the pill and thought that I should have been smarter than to get pregnant. I mean, I was going to med school!

I found out I was pregnant at my annual Gyn visit. My doctor and I were discussing how my last period was a little late and light and then she sent me for an ultrasound. Apparently no one informed the ultrasound tech that I was not expecting because the first thing she did after inserting the probe was say “And there’s the baby’s heart beat!” I almost died. I suppose on some level I may have known or suspected that being pregnant was a possibility but I was still in total shock when the picture of a fetus came up on the ultrasound monitor.
My doctor did not perform abortions but at least they referred and actually got me an appointment for the end of the week at a private clinic where the doctor did abortions in his office in addition to his regular Gyn care.

I called my boyfriend in tears to tell him. I told him I had to get an abortion, and thankfully he was totally on board and was extremely supportive. He was able to come to my parent’s house the night before the procedure and luckily they were out of town (they still don’t know). He took me to the clinic the next day and was amazingly supportive.

The procedure took a little while because the physician wanted to insert laminaria and give me miso before the procedure since I had never had a baby before. The miso made me sick and there was no place for me to lay down, which was miserable.

Shortly after noon I had the abortion. At the end of the procedure I thanked the doctor and told him how important this was to me since I was starting medical school in a month.

My boyfriend and I are still together 4 years later. I could not imagine the two of us trying to have a child at that point in our relationship and I doubt we would still be together if that was the case.

Next month I will graduate from medical school. I have chosen to go into Ob-Gyn and I am determined to be an abortion provider. I am so thankful for that doctor and have considered trying to contact him to let him know I finished medical school and will soon be a colleague.

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